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Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland's productions are all about numbers. In the last eight years our shows have called for 81 school desks, 2400 square feet of polyester wedding dress lining, 32 fluorescent semaphore flags, 48 meters of silk, 245 rolls of electric tape, 14 vibraphone keys and over three hundred performers. But we are all about numbers in another way too.

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Démarche artistique : art viable & médiation culturelle

L’atelier nayan se spécialise dans la coordination de mosaïques collectives réalisées à partir de céramique récupérée, de pièces fabriquées en atelier, et d’objets trouvés.

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ATSA is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by the artists Pierre Allard and Annie Roy. Our mandate is to create so-called urban interventions: installations, performances and realistic stagings that bear witness to the various social and environmental aberrations which preoccupy us. Our name (Socially Acceptable Terrorist Action) is in itself an aberration, serving as an example of the concerns which motivate the artworks.

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Audiotopie - Hearing a place

What if spaces in the city could be imagined as a piece of music? Founded in 2008, Audiotopie blends new media, landscape architecture and electro-acoustic music in order to create urban soundwalks. The artists’ cooperative develops experiential tools by means of an original story, building on a place’s acoustic, luminous, tactile, vegetal and social qualities. Halfway between reality and fiction, these poetic and musical urban environments are an invitation to wander and immerse yourself in a landscape.


Renouvellement de la politique culturelle du Québec

Veuillez consulter la lettre de recommandation de notre président déposée au Bureau du renouvellement de la politique culturelle ainsi qu’auprès du ministre de la Culture et des Communications.


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