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13 Experiments in Hope : Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

13 Experiments in Hope
Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Thirteen videos of creative actions, interventions, tactical media, pranks and other activities that fall between the spaces of culture and politics, resistance and creativity.

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination is a network of culturally and politically engaged artists and activists.

Black Market International - Trouble Festival, Les Halles, Brussels April 2006

Black Market International (BMI) was founded in 1985 with founding members including Boris Nieslony, Tomas Ruller, Norbert Klassen, Zbigniew Warpechowski and Jürgen Fritz.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Live Art but Were Afraid to Ask

A DVD featuring selected documentation from information and advice days for graduates and emerging artists which offer an introduction to the Live Art sector and a chance to learn from the experiences of practicing artists. The Everything DVD includes contributions from Barby Asante, Oreet Ashery, Jyll Bradley, Simon Casson, FrenchMottershead, Leslie Hill, Lois Keidan, Richard Layzell, Robert Pacitti, Helen Paris, Joshua Sofaer, and Lois Weaver. Everything...

Jamie McMurry : 365 Performances / 23 September 2005 through 22 September 2006

"On Sept 23, 2005 I began a project called 365 performances in which I set out to do a performance action every day for a year.

liveartwork DVD

About liveartwork DVD

liveartwork editions is a special series of one off DVD publications produced as part of the liveartwork project. It is an irregular series featuring a variety of projects including high quality, full length documentation of a single performance or project and regional based compilations of contemporary performance artists.

liveartwork DVD is collection of video documentation of performance art and live art. The intention is to publish a new DVD every two or three months featuring a new collection of edited video clips of recent performance art work.

MADRID!-14 : 14 Spanish Live Artists from Madrid

This DVD features edited video documentation of live performances from 14 of Spain’s most active live artists based in Madrid.

The selection of works was curated by Nieves Correa, an artist who has been active in the performance art scene since the early 90s and is also the co-director of Acción!MAD, which since 2003 has been the most important Action Art Festival in Madrid.

Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance Art Documents 1978-1999

Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance Art Documents 1978-1999
Tehching Hsieh

A DVD documenting Tehching Hsieh's five ‘One Year Performances’ done between 1978 and 1986 and ‘Earth’, a thirteen-year performance between 1986 and 1999.

Accompanying text by Steven Shaviro.

Tehching Hsieh, 2000, DVD-ROM.

What's Live Art in Finnish? : An Anthology Featuring 18 Finnish Live Artists

This DVD features edited video documentation of live performances from 18 of Finland’s most active live artists.

The selection of work was curated by Suvi Parrilla and Leena Kela, both emerging artists who are active in the Finnish performance art scene. Much of the work featured is relatively recent, having been performed within the past year or two.


A message from the RAIQ to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian arts community

Synthesis of the research

Consultation With the Interdisciplinary Arts Community on the Needs in Creation, Dissemination, Residencies, Documentation, and Training as well as Envisioning a Place For Interdisciplinary Practices (PDF)

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