Culture Montréal

Culture at the Heart of Montreal’s Development

Culture Montréal is an independent non-profit organization bringing together people from all backgrounds interested in promoting culture in all its forms as an essential element of Montreal’s development.

Culture Montréal is a place for reflection, dialogue, and action aimed at the cultural community, political and business decision-making entities, and citizens.

Through research, analysis, communication, and educational activities, Culture Montréal is involved in defining and recognizing Montreal culture in all its richness and diversity.

Main Objectives

• To promote the right to, access to, and participation in culture for all citizens of Montreal.

• To assert the role of culture in Montreal’s development, especially by encouraging the cultural community
to actively participate in city life.

• To contribute to strengthening Montreal’s position as a cultural metropolis through the enhancement of its creativity, cultural diversity, and national and international prominence.



• Organization of the 2001 Cultural Summit, then foundation of Culture Montréal in 2002.

• Advisory role to the Ville de Montréal in the formulation of the city’s first cultural policy.

• International networking with other cultural cities.

• Organization of international symposia.

• Expert-advisor to governments, the City and the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal.

In order to pursue its mission and the main objectives behind it, Culture Montréal will work with the cultural community, the political and civil decision making bodies, and citizens to continuously engage in the following actions:

• Unite
To run an organization that will be a dynamic meeting place for the mobilization of people who support Culture Montréal’s mission and objectives.
• Inform
Develop expertise and support public intervention through documentation, research, and analyses activities, and promote information dissemination through the organization of events and networking.

• Raise Awareness
Encourage popular support and recognition of culture through multilateral actions that take the characteristics of the urban fabric and the diversity of Montréal cultural practices into account.

• Concert
Maintain close relations with the different milieux and partners, at the local, regional and national level in order to favorish the establishment of cultural priorities on the territory.

• Intervene
Bring common concerns and issues before public and private decision making bodies; stimulate the participation of the Montréal cultural milieus in the community, in networks and the consultation and decision making processes.

Renouvellement de la politique culturelle du Québec

Veuillez consulter la lettre de recommandation de notre président déposée au Bureau du renouvellement de la politique culturelle ainsi qu’auprès du ministre de la Culture et des Communications.


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