MADRID!-14 : 14 Spanish Live Artists from Madrid

This DVD features edited video documentation of live performances from 14 of Spain’s most active live artists based in Madrid.

The selection of works was curated by Nieves Correa, an artist who has been active in the performance art scene since the early 90s and is also the co-director of Acción!MAD, which since 2003 has been the most important Action Art Festival in Madrid.

All the works featured are relatively recent, having been performed within the past year or two. Although the history of live art in Madrid is a long one and goes back to the early 60s, this DVD features works by more contemporary artists who have mainly been working since the 90s or more recently. The selection presents both well established and emerging artists.

The artists featured on the DVD are:

LaHostiaFineArts, Analía Beltrán i Janés, Velvet & Crochet, Hilario Álvarez, Yolanda Pérez Herreras, Nieves Correa, Iris Nava, Belén Cueto, Pepe Murciego & Roxana Popelka, Carlos Llavata, Félix Fernández & Andrés Senra, Paco Nogales, Los Torreznos & Jaime del Val.

This is a two disc pack and contains over two hours of video material documenting 14 separate performances. Background information and contact details are also provided for each artist.

Publication Details:
Total DVD duration: approx. 126 minutes.
All texts are in English. There is some dialogue in Spanish and English subtitles are provided.

Published December 2008 by liveartwork

Curated by Nieves Correa
DVD production by Christopher Hewitt
Suported by Area de las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid

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