Angela Eileen De Crescenzo

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Province:  Ontario
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Angela E. De Crescenzo – Artist Statement

I am an artist. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a partner. I am who I am because of how these statements inform my identity as a person and as a creative thinker.

My work is a growing study of identity and the contexts that contribute to its formation. There are autobiographical elements to many of the themes I choose to work with and often I explore identity in relation to influential events, people or social factors in my life, past and present. Often the piece or project is abstract and experimental in nature and can represent either a question I’ve posed in relation to my theme or a direct autobiographical reference. I see my work as a constant evolution that builds in tandem with my advancement as an artist and person.

My current body of work is concentrating on Identity of the Artist. I challenge the notion of the “exhibiting artist” by creating an alternate contextual form for exhibiting work. The most recent is The “Corkboard” Project, which uses original prints posted on corkboards around the city. In turn the function of the corkboard is changed into that of an exhibiting space for the duration of time allotted to this particular project.

I create time-based projects as well as conceptual and two-dimensional work. I choose the medium specific to the subject matter being examined and work according to what will communicate the subject of the piece most effectively. I have in the past and still do work to create space and alternatives to show work and forge the artist identity. I intend to integrate my thematic body of work into a secondary discipline that will focus on developing site-specific installation and performance art.

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