Craig Leonard

Province:  Nova Scotia
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Craig Leonard unknowingly built aluminum boats for the US Navy in 2002 until breaking his ring finger while mishandling a hole saw. This event led to a Master of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto in 2003, a decade after his first degree in English from Queen's University. He lived in the Czech Republic for the second half of the nineties where he taught in a cement town and led bicycle tours from Prague to Vienna. Failing to open a bookstore in Berlin in 2000, he returned to Canada to pursue mechanical engineering, which he abandoned midway through homework in advanced calculus. Leonard is interested in art and non-art: archival research, record collecting, rare plant species, radio, post-industrial music, direct cinema, medieval woodcuts, and expanded ideas of sculpture and performance. He has exhibited at artist-run centres in Eastern Canada, Raid Projects in Los Angeles and Galerie Display in Prague. Leonard lives in Halifax where he has been teaching intermedia at NSCAD University since 2006.

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