Board of Directors

Gaëtan Gosselin (co-president) Gaëtan Gosselin is the Executive Director of Productions Recto-Verso since 2008, and President of the Board of directors of the Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec. For the last twenty years, he has been an active artist and a committed manager in the development and the promotion of actual arts. He as assumed important responsabilities within several body of excellence organizations such as The Quebec Arts and Letters Council. He has namely worked to create Méduse, a solidarity cooperative in Quebec City and has actively participated in the foundation of the Sodart, the visual arts copyright collective management firm. He has also been president of the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV); president of the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ) and an administrator of the Conférence canadienne des arts. Gaëtan Gosselin lives and works in Quebec City. His artistic works in photography have been presented in Quebec, Canada and abroad. His latest production was part of the exhibition program at the Centre VU and at L’Oeil de Poisson galery.

Catherine Lalonde-Massecar (co-president) Catherine Lalonde-Massecar has been active in the interdisciplinary arts field for ten years as an artist, a curator and a speaker. She is particularly interested in the intimate relationships between the work of art and the viewer, as well as in relational possibilities. Her projects have taken the form of nano-performances, in-situ paths, interactive installations. She is the founder and artistic director of Péristyle Nomade, a company dedicated to research and creation in new artistic practices within public spaces. She holds a Master’s degree at the UQAM, on artistic infiltration and the fragmentation of dramaturgy in urban territory.

Érick D’Orion (vice-president) Living in Quebec City since 1993, Érick d’Orion enjoys an enviable reputation as an audio artist in the fields of both installation and new medias, as as composer and a self-taught musician. As an audio curator, he has organized over a dozen events dedicated essentially to audio art and advanced sound creation. He is the founder and artistic director of the audio art and new musics production and diffusion organization Tartare. Érick d’Orion performs works that are focused in large part on digital maximalism and are closely related to noize, concrete music, free jazz and electroacoustic. His works have been produced in Canada, Europe, Australia, Cuba Mexico and the United States. He has benefited from various creative residencies throughout the world. In parallel or conjointly, he develops installation projects where audio and new technologies are assembled in order to create works in perpetual movement thus becoming both audio sources and broadcasters. His reflexions focuse mainly on the reinterpretation and the re-reading of several art history concepts, in particular concrete music, dadaïsm and futurism, yet without being outdated. The redefinition of the acoustic space as well as the link between the viewer’s imagination facing images, objects and environments, and the familiar or falsely mythical icons are an integral part of his installation work.

Gilles Arteau (secretary) was born in Sainte-Foy and has been living in Matane since 1997. He is the director of the artist centre Espace F at the cultural complex Joseph-Rouleau in Matane and is part of the PHOS Festival photo + art in Matane. As an artist, he wears many hats: philosophy and experimental cinema teacher, union leader and political activist. In Quebec City, he founded the artist centre Obscure and was its president and coordinator for 15 years. Over a period of five years, he was mandated to work at the development of the project Méduse which brought together eleven cultural and community organizations. He has written theatre plays, in particular for Recto-Verso Productions in Matane. Gilles Arteau was also hired by the Carrefour de la littérature, des arts et de la culture (CLAC) in Mont-Joli to conduct an analysis of the potential and the development of the organization he later became the director of, until 2005. He founded Bruit TTV, a group composing performances from different sound tracks. Using his body and his voice as creative instruments, he is also a visual arts performer.

Annie Roy (treasurer) is an inter artist and co-founder with Pierre Allard of the ATSA (Socialy Acceptable Terrorist Action) in response to the social, environnemental and patrimonial abuses they have witnessed. She ceased her activity as a profesional dancer and a choreographer in order to dedicate herself exclusively to the setting up and the carrying out of the ATSA project. Its mandate is to create multidisciplinary works in public space through interventions, installations, performances or theatre plays in order to address the population about crucial and preocupying issues related to sustainable development. All year round, Annie Roy pursues her goal by offering workshops and conferences in partnership with the professional milieu as well as with educational institutions and students. The purpose of these interventions is to demonstrate the role of creative artistic expression as an factor of change in the building of a society sensitive to sustainable development issues. Annie Roy is also invited to speak at colloquiums across Canada and Europe.

Evelyne Bouchard (administrator) lives in Montérégie and works wherever an idea has to rise. Born in 1975, she is currently initiating a master in Rimouski. Her work has been presented in Canada and in Ecuador. Practicing infiltration, performance and action art through urban exploration heterogeneous cells, she accomplishes her goal throught drawing, photography and by assembling artifacts. Her research questions interhumane malleability and relational impact. She aims to fix the sensitiveness of an encounter, the ephemeral invisibility of a moment so as to examine its potential to make attitudes change. She also takes part in several research groups such as U-Lab at the Social and Public Communication Department at the UQAM and at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at Concordia University in Montreal.

Éric Létourneau (administrator) is an intermedia artist practicing concrete performance, live electronic music. He is engaged in the implementation of constructed situations. Active since the early 80’s, he has presented under the guise of different aliases over fifty perfomances, concerts and installations in more than ten countries.

Steeve Dumais (administrator) is an artist and co-founder of the Mobile Home Company for which is has created and played in fifteen plays over the last 14 years. He has also directed creative video, drama, visual arts and shadow theatre workshops. He has also acted in several shows staged by other creators including Peter James, Carole Nadeau et D.Kimm. He has participated in several editions of the Phénoména Festival. He is currently working on the creation of the show Where I Live by the Des mots d’La Dynamite company, which addresses a young public. Jack-of-all-trades, he is interested in stage direction, visual and audio tweaking, but mostly in one’s presence on stage: this intangible zone where the acting occurs without the actor really being aware of it.