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The ADN Column is intended as a space to inform members on current projects, ideas, technologies and debates related to the issues of creation and dissemination of contemporary arts, media arts and interdisciplinary arts in the digital ecosystem.
The ADN Column is written by Isabelle L’Heureux, digital cultural development agent. It is published alternately in the RCAAQ, RAIQ and CQAM newsletters.
You can read the archive here.

The artist’s website

The website is an extremely valuable tool for all professional artists. With this column, I invite RAIQ members to consider creating or updating a professional website. For those who are interested, I also take this opportunity to briefly explain, in the second part of this text, how the Internet and the web work. I will… Read more »

5G, technological and critical opportunities

As the first deployments of 5G cell phone networks are being organized in Canada, the purpose of this column is to provide a brief overview of the technology and to give a few pointers to those who would like to learn more. The technology The term 5G identifies the fifth generation of cell phone standards.… Read more »

Privacy, security and wellbeing in a digital context

Our use of digital technologies – cell phones, computers, smart TV – has been changing in recent years. For most of us, this transformation translates quantitatively into an increase in the amount of time we spend on our screens, working, communicating, shopping and being entertained. The pandemic exacerbates these new ways of being. Inspired by… Read more »

Digital Spaces as Alternative Shelters for our Distanced Communities

The pandemic and the containment measures taken by the Quebec and Canadian governments to smooth the curve are considered by many to be a turning point towards the massive adoption of digital technology in our professional practices, leisure and social life. Indeed, many of us are turning to e-mail, video conferencing, live broadcasting, online shopping… Read more »

We are launching the Contemporary Arts X Wiki Workshops!

In the coming months, the Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec, Artexte, the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques and the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec will launch their first series of Wikipedia contribution events. The Contemporary Arts X Wiki Workshops will be held at Artexte on the last Thursday of the month, between… Read more »

International conference on discoverability

The conference on Access and Discoverability of Francophone Cultural Content in the Digital Age was held at the Grande bibliothèque in Montreal on October 23 and 24 2019. The event brought together a large number of international speakers to discuss the issues of visibility and diversity of cultural expressions in the digital context. The majority… Read more »